Research Focus Areas

Automated pupil detection
Automated pupil detection and measurement for analysis of vision system responses and diagnosis of vision problems.
Soybean oil
Highly-functional soybean oil is used to make rigid and flexible polyurethane foams.

Biomedical Engineering

  • Biophotonics and biosensing (Grant, Yao, Gu and Tan):
    • Medical imaging (CT, tissue optics, OCT, photoacoustics, ultrasound).
    • Biosensing and Bioimaging (FRET, molecular rotor, optical resonator, single-molecule sensing, delayed fluorescence).
  • Membrane transport and signaling (Gillis, Lee, Gu and Ding):
    • Cell electrophysiology and sensing (ion channels, Ca sensing, exocytosis, bioMEMS, neuronal-glial interaction, 2-p microscopy).
    • Cell mechanics (properties of astrocytes, AFM).

Bioprocess Engineering

  • Biomass-based products and food engineering (Hsieh, Jacoby and Tan):
    • Biofoams and biofuels.
    • Food process development.

Bioenvironmental Engineering

  • Water quality (Thompson, ASM and ARS faculty):
    • Nonpoint source modeling.
    • Waste management and waste water treatment.
  • Precision agriculture (Sudduth):
    • Sensor development (soil and crop properties, chemicals).
    • Precision application technology.
  • Partnership with USDA Agricultural Research Service:
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