Student Organizations

Alpha Epsilon — Advisor: Allen L. Thompson Ph.D.
To promote the high ideals of the engineering profession and encourage and support such improvements in the agricultural engineering profession that make it an instrument of greater service to mankind.

Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority — Advisor: Sheila A. Grant Ph.D.
Alpha Omega Epsilon is a professional and social sorority composed of female engineering and technical science students and alumnae.
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Biomedical Competitive Advancement Team (BioCATs) — Advisor: James C. Lee Ph.D.
Interdisciplinary organization focused on solving potential setbacks and needs in the medical field.

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) — Advisor: Sheila A. Grant Ph.D.
To help students within Biological Engineering understand Biomedical Engineering more fully.
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Engineering World Health (EWH) — Advisor: Steven C. Borgelt Ph.D.

Graduates' Club of Biological Engineering (GCBE) — Advisor: Fu-hung Hsieh Ph.D.
The purpose of the Graduates' Club of Biological Engineering is to exchange ideas and strengthen the bonds between the graduate students that are working in different areas of biological Engineering, as well between the graduate students and faculty
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Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) — Advisor: David Grant
A student chapter of IBE, whose goal's are to provide the means to which students may interact with fellow biological engineering students, gain knowledge and insight about innovations and opportunities within their area of study by professionals in industry, academia and government, and to allow student leadership opportunities as well as a chance for fun and enjoyment with social activities at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
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Sigma Alpha Sorority — Advisor: Chip Kemp
The objective of Sigma Alpha shall be to promote its members in all facets of agriculture and to strengthen the bonds of friendship among them.
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